How to find us

We are in Koblerville, on Chalan Msgr Martinez, the same road as Guangdong Hardware. We are between Yong Hui Market and Immanuel Church. Drive in where you see the Chinese sign.

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Easy directions to our shop for newcomers to Saipan:

Option 1: In Chalan Kanoa, on Beach Road, near the Mobil station, turn onto As Perdido Road to go east (away from the beach). When you get to Msgr Martinez Road, make a right turn toward Koblerville, and after you pass the church and Yong Hui Market on your right, the entrance to our shop will be the second driveway on your right side.

Option 2: Drive south (away from Garapan) on Beach Road, past San Antonio, past PIC, and Beach Road curves and becomes Koblerville Road. Keep driving. When the road dead-ends with a stop sign and meets Msgr Martinez, make a right turn onto Msgr Martinez, and make the first left turn into our shop.

Welcome to Saipan, and welcome to Oceanworks!


Saipan's best car repair. We're open 8-5 Monday-Saturday. We can drop you off at your home or office while we fix your car. We do not offer loaner cars. We do not make house calls. We accept payment only in cash. For the fastest response, email us at