Welcome to Oceanworks.

Please email us to make an appointment or call us at 286-0450.

We're here to help people. We provide honest and ethical car repair. That's unusual. But we're an unusual repair shop.

We're a small shop, down a boonie driveway, but we have Saipan's most skilled, most experienced mechanics. We are repair professionals, with knowledge, methods, and instruments that are rare in Saipan. Our master mechanic has been fixing cars full-time for 45 years now. We fix problems other mechanics have no idea about. And we do it with honesty and integrity that are unusual in car repair.

Another mechanic told you your car can't be fixed? Bring it to us and see.

Another mechanic cheated you? Come to us for honest repairs.

The best repairs in Saipan, at low prices.

Browse our website. Read our blog. Visit our shop. You'll see our skill, dedication, and integrity at repairing cars, and helping our customers.


Saipan's best car repair. We're open 8-5 Monday-Saturday. We can drop you off at your home or office while we fix your car. We do not offer loaner cars. We do not make house calls. We accept payment only in cash. For the fastest response, email us at