Oceanworks provides complete Mercedes-Benz service, including engine, transmission, electrical, and interior repairs. We can overhaul your Mercedes engine or transmission. Our master mechanic has done complex engine and transmission repairs on hundreds of Mercedes Benz vehicles. We can buy parts for any Mercedes, from 1980s to current models.

Oceanworks has the complete Mercedes-Benz computerized diagnostics and programming system, the same one as Mercedes dealers have. No one else in Saipan has this system. Without this system, repairs on any Mercedes are difficult, and repairs on a newer Mercedes are impossible.

In addition to the computerized Mercedes-Benz diagnostics and programming system, we have a complete library of Mercedes factory repair manuals and schematics, and we have working relationships with Mercedes factory-certified master mechanics in the US and Europe.

Don't take your car to a mechanic who's never worked on a Mercedes. Take it to the experts: Oceanworks.

Saipan's best car repair. We're open 8-5 Monday-Saturday. We can drop you off at your home or office while we fix your car. We do not offer loaner cars. We do not make house calls. We accept payment only in cash. For the fastest response, email us at