The best repairs, at low prices. Always honest.

Our mechanics' skill is unmatched in Saipan. We're the shop other mechanics come to when they can't figure something out.

We're also the most ethical shop in Saipan. We're always honest with you about your car, and never suggest unnecessary repairs. Our prices are fair, and there are no surprises. We never lie to you, and unlike many other shops in Saipan, we never steal parts from your car.

Our shop is down a rough driveway, and it looks modest. Our focus is on the best repairs, not on having a beautiful shop. Our customers know to come to us for the best repairs, and the most honest service.

Meet Mr. Wen, Saipan's most expert mechanic. Mr. Wen started fixing cars in 1970, in Jiangxi, China. He has been fixing cars twelve hours a day, seven days a week, for over forty years. Whatever problem your car has, Mr. Wen has seen it, and fixed it. No other repair shop can match Mr. Wen's experience.

The Lexus in this picture had a mysterious "boom" noise when going over bumps. No other car repair shop had any clues, other than "maybe you need new shocks." The Toyota dealer recommended replacing the entire rear suspension. Mr. Wen spent fifteen minutes with the car, and immediately identified the problem: worn-out sway bar bushings. It was a $30 repair instead of the dealer's $3,000 repair. The car is perfect now.

Another customer had a Nissan Maxima with a bad starter. The dealer told him to order a new starter, for $300 in parts and one month of waiting time. When this customer took his car to Oceanworks, Mr. Wen took apart the old starter and rebuilt it. No need for a new one. The Nissan was back on the road a few hours later.

A Mazda 3 owner needed a new wheel hub. Cost at the dealer: $470. Cost at Oceanworks: $100.

A 4Runner owner had his car at another shop for two months, and they could not find the engine problem. He took it to Oceanworks, and we diagnosed the problem in one hour, and fixed it later that same day. This customer told his friends: "Mr. Wen is #1!"

Our customers have many stories like this about us. We hope you'll become one of our satisfied customers.

Saipan's best car repair. We're open 8-5 Monday-Saturday. We can drop you off at your home or office while we fix your car. We do not offer loaner cars. We do not make house calls. We accept payment only in cash. For the fastest response, email us at